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DO’s and DONT’s for indie Android developers

Speaker: Denis Nelubin


More than 10 years in IT. System administrator: made first dedicated lines in Omsk. Developer: wrote billing system in Perl, Forex in Java, web apps in PHP, writing scripts in Python, mobile apps for Android (made a dozen of small free Android tools, most of them got tens thousands of downloads). Manager: led projects, teams, departments. Tech director: invented tasks, investigated technologies, estimated projects, taught colleagues. System architect: learch opportunities, invent solutions, share experience.

Topic: DO’s and DONT’s for indie Android developers

I have some experience in buiding small Android applications. Not games, but tools. And many of my tools were downloaded tens thousands times from Google Play and have a star rate more than four. All these tools were made by two hands and one brain of mine.
So, I’ve got some rules to build a successful Android application. And I’ve got answers to some frequenly asked questions. I’m going to share my knowledge to you.
What is a good rate or bad rate of the app? How to talk with users?
Does an UI design matter? What is mobile usability?
What are the core principles to build a good Android application?
Where to host sources? Which license to use? How to build?